Our Digital Screen Software

Flexible Design

Our platform offers versatile design options for displaying photos and videos.

Additionally, you have the option to incorporate real-time weather and news updates, as per your preference.

The display order of your content can be customized, and both the weather and news updates will refresh automatically throughout the day.

Should you prefer, you may also opt to disable the weather and news updates, displaying solely your photos and videos.

Classic Design

Important: Please note that the classic design has been discontinued and replaced with our advanced canvas design interface. The classic design is only available for use on Microsoft Windows devices.

While the classic design will still display photos, videos, news, and weather, the canvas design offers additional features such as the display of detailed weather information on the right side.

Your media content, including photos and videos, will be continuously displayed in the order of your choosing, while weather and news updates will be seamlessly integrated and updated on a regular basis.

Easy-to-Use Management

Our platform features a user-friendly web-based content management system.

The setup process is streamlined, allowing you to launch your first digital screen in a matter of minutes.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables easy upload of pictures and videos, and customizable selection of news categories.

Reordering content is effortless, simply select the desired item and rearrange it with a simple mouse movement.

Combine Multiple Screens

Our platform provides the capability to assemble multiple screens into a unified digital wall display.

Each screen can be configured independently, utilizing either the classic or flexible design options.

The software offers precise control over each individual screen, allowing for the display of multiple slides on a single screen.

There is no limit to the number of slides that can be displayed on a single screen.